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Premium Only Participation Overview

Qualified insurance premiums include the State-sponsored health, dental, and vision insurance premiums that are payroll-deducted from your State paycheck. No other insurance premiums qualify for pre-tax payroll deduction from your State payroll check.

You will receive exactly the same insurance benefits, but the cafeteria plan puts the extra tax savings in your pocket each month. Participating in this category of the cafeteria plan can net you 25% savings on the dollar amount of each payroll deduction. Since you will not pay income tax on your insurance premiums, your take home pay will actually increase due to the tax savings that participation in the cafeteria plan allows. Note that you are NOT buying anything extra, you are NOT changing any of the insurance coverage you sign up for, and there is NO additional paperwork on your part to realize the savings.

Opt Out Feature

All qualified payroll-deducted State-sponsored insurance will be automatically enrolled in MOCafe, to the extent you have qualified premiums, unless you opt-out of one or all of these categories by completing an on-line or paper election agreement during open enrollment each year.


The MOCafe plan year is January 1 through December 31st. Open Enrollment is held from October 1 through December 1 each year. Cafeteria Plan requirements can be found in the Plan Summary document.


New Hires and/or Mid-Year Changes:

  • A new employee must enroll in the Cafeteria Plan within 31 days of his/her hire date to participate in MOCafe.
  • Coverage for mid-year new-hire enrollments may be effective on the first day of the month following approval of the enrollment form.
  • You may also make future changes to your account within 60 days of any qualifying change in status event.