Welcome to ASIFlex's Flexible Spending Tax savings calculator.

Enrolling in a Flexible Spending Account can save you money by reducing your taxable income. Money contributed to an FSA can be used to pay for eligible expenses on a pre-tax basis; therefore, income contributed to an FSA is not taxed. Use the calculator below to estimate your tax savings from enrolling in an FSA.
Estimated Medical Expenses
deductibles & co-pays, prescription drugs, OTC drugs with a prescription only as of January 1, 2011
contact lenses, eyeglasses, LASIK
orthodontics, fillings, dental work, dentures
chiropractor, hearing exams/aids, psychologists' fees
Dependent Care
Dependent care
day care, day camp, nursery care, after school programs
Total Eligible Contributions
Your gross annual income
Your spouse's gross annual income (if applicable)
Filing status
Number of dependents (number you claim for income tax purposes)
State in which you reside
Other pre-tax deductions (per year)
401(K), insurance premiums, etc.
Pay schedule
Taxable income*
Savings with FSA
Annual tax savings with FSA plan
FSA savings per paycheck

* Taxable Income reflects your income less the standard deduction and the amount you are setting aside for Flexible Spending. For more information, please consult a tax professional.

The numbers presented above are only estimations. Actual savings may vary. Calculations assume no itemized deductions. State tax rates are estimated. Individual tax rates may differ.